Somewhat Left of Center

Isn’t it amazing. President Obama is blamed for almost everything that is wrong with the world: political bi-partisanship; unproductive Congress; political infighting; absenteeism; the Ebola crisis; wars in Irag, Afghanistan, and Irag (again); middle class inequality; over regulation; media bias; saving the auto industry when it should have been let to fail; rising health care costs; excess Wall Street profits – the list goes on and on. There seems to be no end to what he is responsible for.

Readers should remember that it wasn’t too long ago that the President was also blamed for a failing economy. Everything, starting in January 2009, was his fault: high unemployment; flagging stock market; poor tax policy; low corporate profits; middle class inequities; artificially low interest rates; slow recovery from the Great Recession – and much more.

Hmmm – isn’t it interesting? The economy is booming. The Q3 2014 economic growth just estimated the GDP increases at approximately 3.5% – some of the highest in the world. You don’t read of banks or Wall Street complaining of low profits. The stock market is booming and interest rates are low.

So, why don’t you hear much about that? Good question!

Another good question: why is it, really, that President Obama so unpopular?



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